Landscape Portrait 

The Migrant Series “Landscape Portraits" is in collaboration with a documentary film titled At a Stranger’s Table: An In-Depth Introduction of the East Coast Migrant Farm Worker. My role as the creative director with the documentary led to the work in this series. The documentary explores the complex lives of both undocumented and H-2A documented migrant workers in eastern North Carolina. The documentary brings the migrant field workers and the consumers of produce to the dinner table for a meal. Conversations about food production, cultural differences, and personal points of view are shared.

The drawings are inspired by the articles of work-clothing left behind from the migrant workers when the harvest season ended and they returned home to Mexico. I place the articles of clothing under transparent film and then rub using graphite to capture the image. The immediacy of the rubbings leaves behind the residue of the farmworker as a memory of their time in the United States. Issues such as identity, race, borders, labor control, neo-liberalism and isolation are all explored. 

The portrait paintings are inspired by the individuals I meet in the fields. I return to the studio to create these small works from memory. 



  All drawing are graphite on drafting film,  36” X 24” 


All paintings are oil on panel 8” x 6"


© Sally Jacobs 2011