Dr. Everette

My painting chosen to be shown at the NC Community College system virtual art show is of a special neighbor and friend, Dr. Everette Thombs. Dr. Everette is a truly remarkable man. He has been a practicing physician for more than 35 years. His kindness extends not only to mankind but also to all living things. My husband, I and my two year old son all work together with Dr. Everette each summer to harvest a large plot of land growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Everette works the garden after long hours visiting patients and rounds at the local hospital. He can be found walking in the evening through the garden, with my young son, showing him how things grow, how to nurture the earth and how to watch for even the smallest of changes. He shares childhood stories with him of growing up in the south. As one of nine children, he shares the importance of working together.

His kind spirit and gentle demeanor moved me to document this special man in our lives. I intentionally choose a palette that is earthy and warm like him, like the earth. The painting is small to create intimacy. I deliberately choose to intensify the hot pink color of his shirt to symbolize the excitement my son has when he sees Dr. Everette in the garden. Painting, for me, is a way to record the world around me. I do not think of this work as a portrait as much as I do a musical note in the score of a song. 

To see the painting of Dr. Everette on display, click here.

© Sally Jacobs 2011