Translation of Nature 1

My wife’s focus to translate timeless moments through painting is my inspiration for discovering my own translation of our family through video manipulation. Through this art form, my hope is to mimic my wife’s abstract color, space and figure with that of my son’s innocence in painting. For those of us who have reached forty or older, time seems to be sped up, fleeting, and we try hard to hold onto something that can ground us from a race to the finish. I believe youth and members of our family and community can help with grounding our lives in the moment. In “Translation of Nature 1,” I begin with my wife painting with our son. Then, I alter the video, attempting to scatter colors and toss “stories” around the frame. When I look at my son painting on video, I am reminded of the fleeting moment and the importance of life. In real time, static and friction often derail my ability to stay in the present. Only I can focus back to what is necessary.

Scott Temple

© Sally Jacobs 2011