Sally Jacobs Featured on HGTV

In 2003, HGTV's program "Building Character" featured Sally Jacobs' studio and living space. Please wait about forty seconds before the show will start.

Artist Sally Jacobs took one look at a decaying livery stable in downtown Shelby, N.C., and immediately had a vision for the home she wanted to create. Jacobs wanted a space that was full of color, texture and whimsy.

The 1908 stable and buggy stand was a sort of taxi stand of its day. Architect Roger Holland helped Jacobs convert the 4,000-square-foot stable into a home and studio, using a barn door to connect the building's two spaces. The central hallway runs through the space once filled with horse stalls. Creative touches in the house include walls without ceilings, a floor made of an old rodeo poster and bright blue and yellow walls.

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